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Pedro makes Mama Chamale's Tamales | Pedro Prepara los Tamales de Mama Chamale

rice & beans theatre and Playwrights Theatre Centre

To those that came to Unscripted: Made in Canada and the rest of the PTC and rice and beans theatre family, enjoy the full edit of Pedro making his mom’s tamales! Make them at home for your family and loved ones and make sure to check out the Made in Canada: song cycle and podcast coming out March 2021!

Included close captioning in English and Spanish.

Learn more about what’s coming up for Made in Canada here:

We teach objects how to speak our language

Cold Calculi and Theatre Conspiracy

Music Video

View Here

We Teach Our Objects How to Speak our Language, a new stop-motion animation music video created by Margaret Krawecka and Ulla Laidlaw, journeys inside the trippy mind of rock musician UnDone.

With lyrics by Tim Carlson and music by Cold Calculi, the song is included in Theatre Conspiracy/Rumble Theatre’s upcoming audio series Isolation Suite, a drama/ poetry/music hybrid looking at social isolation and mental health through the perspective of UnDone, who is going “grey” physically, socially, psychologically – and even technologically.


Talking Sh*t with tara cheyenne

A Monthly Podcast

Available on Podbean, Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Art making, creativity, not giving up and living well in the process. Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg is an award winning creator, performer, choreographer, director and writer and Artistic Director of Tara Cheyenne Performance. She is renowned as a trailblazer in interdisciplinary performance and as a mighty performer “who defies categorization on any level” (The Georgia Straight).


Theatre Conspiracy  and Rumble Theatre

Featuring Tim Carlson and Christie Watsonand the music of Cold Calculi.

Available as part of the Isolation Suite experience on + Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms

Meet UnDone. He’s going grey. Fast. Not just physically but socially, psychologically – even technologically. Ghosted by friends and society at large, the aging isolated musician fades toward invisibility in an East Vancouver that seems increasingly surreal.

Written by Tim Carlson with music by Cold Calculi, Isolation Suite is a hybrid of indie rock, poetry and drama that explores survival as a creative act. A Theatre Conspiracy/ Rumble Theatre co-production, the 6-episode audio series launches April 15, 2021 on the interactive website + Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major platforms. Tune in on Thursdays weekly beginning April 15 to catch the latest episodes.

“I began work on Isolation Suite in fall 2018,” says Carlson. “The piece grapples with social isolation, depression, suicide and aging. Little did I know how much the story would resonate with a world in pandemic mode. Isolation and its fallout are surely one of the most common experiences everyone is dealing with on some level. I haven’t rewritten the piece to touch specifically on the pandemic as the surreal events in UnDone’s world reverberate poetically with our times.”

Past Live and Digital Events


By Joshua Ongcol with Music by Miguel Maravilla

Presented by Rumble in association with New Works

Friday, September 10th
Saturday, September 11th

6pm – Food and Karaoke pre-party
7:45pm – Welcome by Dennis Gupa
8pm – Show
post show – DJ set by NI CO (Saturday only)

Progress Lab 1422 | 1422 William St

In his current piece “LAKBAY” (Tagalog word for Journey) Josh meditates on patterns, cycles and rhythms. Drawing upon his mother tongue of Tagalog, pivotal personal experiences and journeys into the natural world of the west coast rainforest, he intimately attunes into buried roots; breathing life into the undercurrents of their queer and filipinx identity.

New Works is proud to partner with Rumble on the world premiere presentation of LAKBAY by Josh Ongcol & Miguel Maravilla. This piece was created earlier in March 2021 as part of Josh’s artist residency with Rumble and New Works. The development of LAKBAY is made possible through Made in BC/Dance West Network’s 2nd annual Creative Residency, Re-Centering Margins 2020-21 and was further developed through Josh’s artist residency with Rumble and New Works in March 2021.

DBLSPK: Mother Tongue

rice & beans theatre and Progress Lab Presents 

Livestreamed interdisciplinary theatre

Friday July 23 at 7pm PST

Register for Tickets Here

AY WHAT YOU DECIDE: The event is free to RSVP and attend! Following the event, you’ll be sent an email where you will get the choice to pay whatever you decide.


Created by Jasmine Chen and En Lai Mah, It is a duet of meditations on mortality, migration, parent-child relationships, love, and loss. Using martial arts, movement, and song, long-buried stories from the past are interwoven with the present and future.

The seemingly simple question, “What is your mother tongue?” has brought about complex answers. It has come to mean more than just first-learned languages; it encompasses the anchors of cultural connection to their elders and beyond. Jasmine’s grandmother taught her Mandarin songs as a child. She was singing in Mandarin before she was speaking it. Through interviews with her mother, Jasmine’s been creating a performance that illuminates the pervading cycles of silence passed down through her matrilineage. In layering live and pre-recorded singing with projections of interview transcripts, voices emerge to bear witness to displacement and intergenerational trauma.

En Lai is of mixed ancestry and does not speak Mandarin. His father, who was born in China, felt that it was more essential for him to learn Kung Fu than Mandarin. By learning about his father’s lifelong dedication to Chinese martial arts, En Lai has immersed himself in a practice that has connected father to son for three generations. Through movement and text, En Lai transforms into his father Peter, who speaks of his own adoption, the horrors of the Cultural Revolution, and his eventual migration to Canada.

body parts

Photo by David Cooper

by Tara Cheyenne Performance 

Presented by Progress Lab Presents

May 15 at 7:30 pm

May 16 at 2:00 pm

Body Parts is an interdisciplinary project exploring and challenging how we feel about, how we process, and how we live in our bodies. It is the virtual and Covid-friendly iteration of The Body Project.

Written, choreographer and performed by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg. Created with outside-eyes/dramaturges: Justine A. Chambers, Josh Martin, Melanie Yeats, Kate Franklin, Jamie Robinson, Zahra Shahab, Caroline Liffman and Lisa Gelley.

Made in Canada

January 24, 2021

Where does our food come from? Who grows it? Who is nourished by it? Food for thought!

At Unscripted: Made in Canada, Pedro Chamale invites you into the test kitchen of his new work that highlights the unseen people who plant, tend and harvest our food. This live-streamed event is part cooking show, part “kitchen table talk” with special guests, that explores our relation to food, the lives of the migrant workers who provide for our families and what that means for food security. Join us, we have saved you a seat at our table.


February 6, 2020 4pm PT

Register to watch HERE

Total Duration (Including Talkback): approximately 45 minutes

Join Electric Company Core Artists Carmen Aguirre and Jonathon Young as they reveal works in development, sharing theatrical experiments, staged readings, and insights on their new processes, which will culminate on stage beginning again in 2022.

Following the showing, join the Artists and ask your questions in an interactive discussion about the work, inspirations, and future speculations not only for Electric Company, but for the craft and sector as the world emerges from the pandemic.