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Progress Lab 1422 Digital Technologist Team

Anthony and Andie are the co-digital technologists at C-Space. Both interdisciplinary artists coming from varying backgrounds in theatre, film, music, writing and more, they are committed to sourcing and researching the possibilities of accessible, professional and ethical methods of presenting digital & remote work.

As artists who work with technology as our primary voice for artistic expression, we are often up against tech industry monoliths that often represent the very same systems of oppression that our work and the work we support seeks to dismantle. It is not a simple task to source and create a functional digital performance without years of experience and expertise in live A/V production. We acknowledge and understand that this access barrier is often what prevents us from presenting professional quality work. 

We are interested not only in what is going to support your work technologically, but also ethically. We are interested in exploring open source, secure, small business, queer & BIPOC owned apps, APIs and platforms. When we can’t use these, it is important that we share the impact that platforms have on our global socio-political landscape and beyond. We are new to this world too, and are trying, failing and learning everyday.

If you’re interested in discussing this aspect of our work in more detail, please reach out to us at

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