Progress Lab 1422 and the Future of Performance Creation Space

Progress Lab 1422 has evolved into an essential part of Vancouver’s performing arts infrastructure over the course of its first decade. Dozens of theatre and dance shows created in the studio have been seen locally, nationally and internationally. It’s highly regarded as a model space for experimentation, innovation and collaboration.  C-Space is a nonprofit created to manage PL1422 in 2012 and continues to further expand ways in which a performing arts backstage can function with values and intention.

The C-Space board works proactively at ensuring the organization’s financial security and with many company members contribute hundreds of pro-bono hours annually to fight for the survival of the space.

The Backstage Spaces report provides an understanding of the needs of performance creation spaces so fellow stakeholders, policymakers and funders can take action.

In this report, consultant Caitlin Jones analyzes in depth the matrix of challenges facing the backstages where Canadian performance is created.  Her recommendations point to the fundamental next steps to create security for our backstages.

C-Space will continue to seek bold solutions that adhere to the values that have made Progress Lab 1422 such an important space. We welcome the support of policy-makers, colleagues and community as we dedicate ourselves to a new vision for thriving backstages in Vancouver.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Backstage Spaces: ASL Project Introduction
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